bummer run

Today, after a binge of some delish trail mix, I went for a run. Now, I knew it was a bad idea to eat so much crap before I ran, but I did it anyway. Not a healthy habit. A bad habit.

So my run was going great, getting through the first two miles, I was feeling much better and figured I could go for awhile… Enter mile 4.5 and I couldn’t move. My ankle/outer shin (?) hurt so bad I literally couldn’t run…I tried. I tried so hard for the next .28 mile to keep going. I couldn’t do less than 5! Come on!

But, no matter how hard I pushed, I knew my ankle was donezo. And I have no idea what happened. I am incredibly irritated. I was just getting back into a love-for-running groove. And now this.

Okay, God. I know. Lean on you and turn to you, not running. But. Ok. Really? Ugh.

So, instead of running I walked about a mile to my house listening to a podcast. It was from some church in Arkansas and it was about the battle not being ours. It’s Gods. I’m giving him this battle, somewhat irritated, but giving it to him. While I ice my ankle.

Blerg. Sigh. Ugh. Sometimes, I think God appreciates our surrender, even when our hearts are a little bitter. So instead of going for a walk tonight, I’m going to continue this:

and write some encouragement cards instead.


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