I wish I had the energy to write something great tonight. I don’t.

As you can tell by the title, I’m exhausted.

Today was a mentally exhausting day as I battled the food enemy. Days come and go where food seems to rule my life, where the way I feel about my body takes control of other emotions.

God really convicted me today about where I place my value. So often it seems to be found in myself, how I view myself, and how I perceive others to view me. Oops.

My bad, God [aka, forgive me].

So today I am beginning a journey to stop trying to make God look like me, and begin trying to look more like God.

Some examples:

Kara – impatient, constrained by time; God – eternal, patient and pursuing

Kara – imperfect; God – p-e-r-f-e-c-t.

Kara – jealous of others; God – jealous for Himself and His own.

Kara – irritable and grouchy when tired; God – never sleeps and always patient and full of mercy. Welcomes me back to holding His hand each and every minute I fall down.

He takes my hand each and every time. With a glad heart and rejoicing. Every. Single. Time.

That’s a lot of times. I fail a lot. I try to do things the Kara way a lot. And then I have days like today where I hear Him calling me back, drawing me in, and pushing my ways out the window.

Good night.


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