During summers in high school, I recall staying up all hours of the night.

On AOL Instant Messenger. That just happened. 

Remember good ‘ole AIM? Well, I loved it and remember spending countless summer nights in middle and high school chit-chatting away with all my “buddies.”

Anywho. I normally am in bed before midnight, usually 11p. I get up daily around 5 so sometimes its nice to actually sleep, you know?

But last night. Last night. Phew. I stayed up until after 3a with some friends… and then went to church at 930a. Yikesabees.

Still around the same amount of sleep I normally get, but my body feels wacko.

So after church I just laid around watching the Cincinnati Reds play some ball and checked my online classes. Note that I just checked them. I’m feeling that lazy that I didn’t even do any school work (I’m working on my master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, FYI), I just checked some discussion posts and made sure I was on the ball. Or ready to be on the ball, come tomorrow.

But then! I walked to this outdoor mall that is about a block or two from my dwelling and ate this:

Patriotic fro-yo! No sugar added ‘nila with blubes and strawbs. MMM, yum!

with a friend! It was delightful. We sat outside and watched all the kiddos play in fountain and talked about God, life, relationships and all things sticky. By sticky, I mean the things that just stick with you, you ponder them often. And by sticky, I also mean I had sticky fingers from the fro-yo, but we didn’t talk about that…

Welp. Planning on taking a walk (nope, still not running…) with a friend in a bit. I should probably try to actually do some homework…

No physical health tip for you. No delicious recipe. But something better to leave you with:

Open your hands and your heart to receive this day as a precious gift from Me. I begin each day with a sunrise, announcing My radiant Presence. By the time you rise from your bed, I have already prepared the way before you. I eagerly await your first conscious thought. I rejoice when you glance my way.

Bring Me the gift of thanksgiving, which opens your heart to rich communion with Me. Because I am God, from who all blessings flow, thankfulness is the best way to draw near Me. Sing praise songs to Me; tell of My wondrous works. Remember that I take great delight in you; I rejoice over you with singing. (June 25)

Just a little passage from Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young.


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