Blog world. I need your assistance.

It’s important.

Back in April… or maybe early May I made the best healthy pancakes I have ever eaten.

…and. i. forgot. to. save. the. recipe.

Believe you me. I have searched and searched for this recipe ever since then.

Here’s what I do know:

  • It was on a food blog, probably a baking blog
  • A woman wrote the blog
  • She had kids and I was surprised because I didn’t know that prior to this point… I just remember being surprised.
  • She made these pancakes on Easter morning.
  • In the pictures she was pouring syrup on them.
  • They had oats.
  • They were the best tasting p-cakes I’ve ever had. I kept some in the fridge for weeks after and they were fine and tasty to the last day.
I know… sounds like most pancake blog posts… boo.
Can you help?
At least give me a good recipe!

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