music, baseball, and a bum ankle

The title is backwards from the content. First, I’ll share some ankle news.

I went to a sports med doc yesterday for my injured ankle. The past week had been rough. The muscle seemed to be getting better but it was so sore to the touch.

The first guy to see me was an extremely friendly student doctor. He was so nice and caring. He’ll make a great doc one day soon! He talked to me about what happened and then did some things to figure out the injury.

Then the doc came in, asked similar questions and did similar tests, and some new ones where he took his silly thumb and pressed on the parts that I said hurt. OUCH. Really… painful…

Got some x-rays and he concluded it was a small fracture of the fibula (I think… Or tibia) and also a sprain. I now have crutches.

Which I didn’t use (oops, sorry Doc, it’s just awkward…) when I went to the Mat Kearney/Owl City concert last night.

I have loved Mat for years now and have never been able to see him live. I tried once, when I was 20. Went to the venue, only to be turned away because I was not 21… Boo.

He was fantastic. And he sang his new song, Hey Mama, which is one of my favs. He sings about his now wife, and how he met her at Anthropologie(she obviously is awesome and has great taste!). Cute. But now I’ll have to look for a new singer/songwriter to oogle over.

Chris August is in the running. He’s funny and often gets online and does some little shows and chats from his apartment in Nashville. And my friend lives near him and has hung out with him. I better have her hook us up. I’m pretty much joking. He seems funny and sings great songs… But my hopes are still set high for this guy:

Center-fielder for the Cincinnati Reds, Drew Stubbs. Mmm.

I have about 150 (90% of that guy) photos from one of the Cincinnati Red’s opening series games I went to alone. Yea, I don’t mind going to Reds games alone. I thought it was actually awesome. I could really sit wherever I wanted because it was just me with a big camera. I looked official…

Anyhwo. No gym for me today. Doc said I’m not allowed to do any physical activity, besides upper body and core, until I can “walk pain free for 2 weeks.” And then only can I start with the bike. And then elliptical. And finally, running. So maybe a month? Gross. How am I ever supposed to do this?!

Anyone have tips for good cardio without your legs!? I plan on doing some punching. 🙂


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