I have successfully given up soda since Dec 31.

I gave up candy for lent.

I often can choose healthier versions of foods and am just fine.

I can eat healthy all day long, making wise food choices.

But then, I get a chocolate craving. And, as I’m sure you’d agree, there is nothing that substitutes well for chocolate. If I want chocolate, I want chocolate. I can’t even think of an appropriate substitute!

I’ve tried low calorie treats to sooth the craving (pudding, 100 cal packs, etc.), but once I get started, I just can’t stop [I just can’t get enough, boy I think about it every night and day… Thank you B.E.P.]…

It is one frustrating journey.

So, to practice self-control, I’m giving up chocolate for one week. Just a week. I can do it, right?!? Yikes.

No hot chocolate (a favorite). No pudding with animal crackers. No chocolate chips with cool whip and graham crackers. No chocolate chip pancakes or cookies. No black bean brownies. No chocolate covered pretzels. No chocolate bars. And finally, unfortunately NO M&Ms. Boo hoo (who? how do you spell that phrase, ha.). Waaaah. Woe is me. Suck.

It’ll be a great journey… right?

On a better, more exciting note… I had a fantastic Independence Day weekend. It was full of concerts, new people, old friends, camping, baseball, a broken fibula, and good food like this:

campfire-cooked corn, sweet potatoes, zucchini, red/yellow/green peppers

Oh, sweet summertime.

Oh. And just a suggestion – on 12 July, buy Blake Shelton’s new album. I’ve been listening to it all day and am a big fan. Then again, anything he does I’m a fan of…


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