This week I am on a trip for work. Monday I left for the Philadelphia airport and am staying in New Jersey. We have been seeing so much and driving about as much. Currently, we are on a 2 hour drive to Picatinny Arsenal. Here are some pics from the trip:



I wish I could say that I’ve eaten some great food while here, but I can’t. So far everything has been pretty average.

The hotel has a treadmill and an elliptical in a 90 degree room. I managed to get there yesterday but this morning couldn’t handle how hot it was. Plus, our days are incredibly long and I have school work to do. So, at 445 this morning I did that instead. Oh fun.





Those are just a bunch of pictures from the weekend before i left. Had I taken a picture of all I baked, I put those up there too: caramel corn, chocolate cake with homemade buttercream, magic cookie bars… I also ate a lot that weekend. So much good food! We went to the Reds/Braves game last Friday too with my family from GA. I brought an apple and banana for snacks and got made fun of…

Anywho. Almost to our destination! Can’t wait to get home and bake something!!


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