Jersey Shore…Atlantic City

Well. This was the last day of my trip! We went and did the work related stuff in the morning and then drove to Atlantic City! We had a tasty dinner with THE WORST SERVICE I’VE EVER HAD. Literally.

Then walked around. I played my first slot machine… I’m def not a gambler!

Take a look at my quick walking snapshots:








Can anyone tell me who owns the 40/40 club belongs to? I didn’t know but the girl I was with did and I happen to love this celebrity…

I am ready for home tomorrow. Family, friends, rest, gym, food, church. All the good stuff.

Oh! Today I had a total of 5 missed calls from an 866 number. Each time it left a 10 sec voicemail saying “to accept the call, press 1.” I called the number back and it said something like “you have reached such and such, the number one service provider for inmate services…you have received a call from an inmate in a correctional facility…” uh, what?!? Who is in jail. Anyway, I still haven’t been around my phone when they call so I have yet to figure it out!


On our way back to the hotel! I need a shower and some sleep! See you on the flip side!


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