finally a mini M&M cookie that worked.

Thursday, I thought it’d be a good idea to run to the store at 10pm. I found some mini M&Ms on super sale. Besides loving any kind of M&M, I love a good deal. I was wearing gym shorts, a t-shirt and my hair was still wet. I ran into 3 people I haven’t seen in years. Wah wah.

I then tried making cookies with my purchase when I got home. The try failed and I got flat, pancake-like cookies. Which I hate.

But yesterday, I used How Sweet It Is‘ recipe for Giant Rainbow Cookies and got some delish little enormous cookies. Jessica makes them using a 1/4 cup but also suggests using 2 tablespoons. I used 2 tablespoons and got some pretty darn big cookies. I normally make my cookies mini, so these seemed giant enough. I can’t imagine making them with a 1/4 cup! Also, I had to bake mine for 20 minutes, so be prepared to adjust the time. I stuck some dough in the fridge overnight and made those today. Those took about 15 minutes, being so cold to begin with.

I was almost late getting ready to go to the German Festival because I was making these buddies.

How many 24-year-old ladies do you know that do that while doing this:

getting ready in between switching cookie sheets and washing dishes

Not many.

But, I made it out and had a good time at the German festival and then with a number of friends afterwards. What a fun night!


4 thoughts on “finally a mini M&M cookie that worked.

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