I love days with no plan. Love them.

Today I woke up pretty early and just layed in bet until all the infomercials were over and real shows were on.

Did you know Pioneer Woman has a new show on Food Network? I recorded it but wasn’t home to watch it.

Where was I, you ask?

I made a 2 white, 1 yolk omelet for breakfast and read some Proverbs.

No, no. I didn't put milk into my omelet. I just needed a chocolatey, protein pick-me-up!

Then, I packed up and headed to the trail to run 12 miles.

A glorious 12 miles, it was.

There were so many people there running! More than I’ve ever seen (besides the time there was some race there, or when the middle school CC team practices there…) Usually, there are a lot of dog-walkers there… Not today! There were more runners than walkers, and most were friendly enough to say “hello” or “good morning!” My favorite.

I ran into a good friend’s mom, whom I just love. That was nice.

I love the opportunity to clear my head, pray and think, while on the trail runnin’. My dearest friend, Jess, knows this passion but also knows how well I learn through metaphors. God taught me through a metaphor while running today.

Jess and I after our 2010 Marathon

There are all these people out there, and I sometimes get embarrassed by my speed towards the end… and the amount of sweat. No one knows what point I’m out in my run. I could be at mile 1 or mile 12. They have no idea. Sometimes I wish I had a sign or something so the dripping sweat would seem more normal (not normal, just more normal).

Anyway. I realized, we have no idea what point in the journey anyone’s at. On the trail, on a run, in life. Stop assuming things about people, stop judging someone’s position, stop being jealous of others’ lives. You don’t know where they are at on the journey, where they have been, or where they are going.

Also, don’t worry what they think about your point in the journey. They have no idea you just ran 11.88 miles and have .12 to go. They have no idea. Don’t worry about their perceptions, judgements or ideas. Just keep running.

The end. I then went to Hidden Valley Fruit Farm and just looked around. Didn’t get a dang thing.\

The girl at the register was buying a box of 24 apple fritters and also some more (that she hadn’t pre-ordered). She told the cashier that she used to live near the farm and ate those all the time, but has since moved a few hours away. She’s getting them to freeze. And enjoy until her next visit home. And some for the car ride. Good girl.

I should’ve tried one…

I then drove around some small towns in the area. For fun. No purpose.

Ugh. Finally, I made it to Health Foods Unlimited where I was incredibly overwhelmed by all they had to offer me. I only bought Chia Seeds. I’m a Chia virgin but am excited to try them. I keep reading recipes and blogs using the things. It’s about time I try.

Tomorrow morning I’ll be able to report on these babies. Seeds. Nuggets. Chia pets.

Smelly and gross, unshowered and nasty, I went to the new Gap across the street from my dwelling before actually going home. I needed wanted to buy work clothes and everything was 50% off today.

I soaked up some rays for a couple hours while working on some art projects.

Then there was some laundry. Some cleaning. Some salmon/corn/salad dinner. Some carrot cake.

Then I made some more banana cookies. And ate a great number of them.

Watched my favorite boys, the Reds.

And then some girlfriends.

What a good day.


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