15 minute power workout

Today definitely feels like fall! I am wearing jeans and a sweatshirt with my flip flops. Those will be out as long as possible. While it’s perfect running weather, with the cool air I think I caught some illness. My chest is quite congested and my whole body just achey. Maybe the ache is from the workout I did yesterday. I did a fantastic 15 minute workout plus 2.5 mile run. Yep, 15 minutes. And it got me sweaty and tired. In 15 minutes.

Here’s my challenge for you: do this on your “days off.” It is extremely short and you need no equipment (except a clock of some sort) so you can do it at home. There’s no excuse.

Hop to it!

15 Minute Power Workout [From Women’s Health Magazine – I can’t find this online but it’s in their September 2011 issue!]

Do each of the following exercises for 60 seconds, performing the move as many times as you can. Do not stop between each exercise. Following all four, rest for 60 seconds; this completes one set. Do 3 sets (for a total of 15 minutes!).

  1. Cross-Crawl Squat Jumps: With your arms in front of your chest, elbows bent, raise your right nee toward our left elbow. Lower, then repeat with your left knee and right elbow. Place your left foot two feet from your right and lower into a squat, hold for three seconds, then jump as high as you can, extending both arms overhead. That’s one rep.
  2. Lateral Shuffle and Reach: Stand with your feet two-three feet apart, then bend your knees, rotate your torso and right leg to the left, and reach your right arm to toward your left foot. From this position, quickly jump a few feet to the left, switching the position of your arms and legs. That’s one rep. Jump back to start and continue alternating. [These seem to me like skaters]
  3. Giant Jump (or do basic jumping jacks): Stand with your feet hip-width apart, elbows bent, and fists at your chest. Jump up, reach your arms overhead and spread your legs apart. Land softly and lower into a squat, reaching both hands toward the floor. Return to start. That’s one rep. [I did star jumps, which to me seemed close enough…]
  4. Knee Clap: Raise your arms out at shoulder height, elbows bent and fingers pointing toward the ceiling. Keeping your core tight and chest as upright as possible, raise your left knee toward your chest (As if you were skipping) and clap your hands under your thigh. Quickly return to start. That’s one rep. Repeat with the other leg, then continue alternating. [these fellas do an interesting job demonstrating the move; you will be doing a standing knee clap, they do it while moving… and making faces…]


  • Do each for 90 rather than 60 seconds.
  • Use hand weights (the kind you strap on are your safest bet!)
  • Do more than 3 sets!

*A note of caution: if you’ve recently fractured your fibula, it may hate all the jumping you do in this exercise and ask you to soak it in some epsom salts…. But in all seriousness, this workout involves a lot of jumping, so if you have bad knees, ankles, etc. then be careful! Try it out and see how you feel!

What’s your favorite part about fall?! Go on, comment!


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