winter workout

One thing I don’t like about midwest winters: the sucky running conditions.

Now, I’m sure there is some hardcore runner who pushes through the snow in his/her running boots. Do they make those? Maybe I’m on to something… Anyway. I’m just not one of those runners. I barely like running when it’s cold out, period, let alone snow falling or on the ground.

Who knows. Maybe this year I’ll get gutsy enough to try, but I doubt it.

So I’ve been thinking about what I can do to stay in shape this winter without running for hours on a treadmill (I tried to run just 1 regular mile on the treadmill this morning and had to quit. Talk about borrriiinnngggg).

I do like treadmill interval workouts. I do those quite often, and those will most likely remain a large part of my training this winter. What I don’t like about them is that I hold on to the treadmill because 1) I’m afraid of falling off in the middle of the gym, and 2) I have the incline set all the way so it’s just easier that way.

So the tready will stay a main tool for this year’s winter training but I also hope to work on a lot of strength-building.

Here’s one of my favorite treadmill interval workouts (you can tailor these workouts to your ability and preferences very easily):

Please note, like I said, I have the treadmill cranked up to the highest incline (mine is 15) and hold on while running and sometimes at the walking point. This looks complicated, but really is very easy (to figure out, not necessarily do – it’ll make you sweat!) – you are walking until time is at :45 and then speeding up until you get to your fastest point at about :00 and then sprinting for 30 seconds before slowing back down to a walking pace for 2 minutes.

Modifications: start at a sprint pace of your choice and decrease each time; work your way up instead of down on the sprints; go for 30 minutes; decrease the incline.

Also, I’ll be doing this strength training workout from Katie, that I just love. I’ve been doing it for a month or so now and continue to enjoy it!

The guys at Midwest Fit also post great workouts throughout the week. I’ll be looking to their posts often for inspiration!


Keep checking in for more winter workout suggestions! I’m on the lookout so I’ll be sure to share them!


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