work it, girl!

I have a confession: I used to spend hours at the gym and really wasn’t seeing any results.

Thanks to Naomi, I am learning to make the most of my workouts AND only spend minimal time (which flies by) at the gym!

So far, my favorite workout by Naomi is the Body Weight Fat Blast Workout!

I also love the 480 workout, also from Naomi. You can do it in less than a 1/2 hour and it totally gets your heart pumpin’! I did it in my bedroom the other day and there was a puddle of sweat on the carpet when I was finished! It’s fantastic and can be done anywhere! How can you not love that?!

Yesterday I did an upper body workout (of course, created by Naomi) and it was great! I switched it up just a little, running 1/2 mile before and after and in between (rather than .3 miles). I also added some burpees to the last set! It was such a killer workout. Took me about an hour and really got my heart pumping. Love that so, so much!

Today I enjoyed one hour of up-and-down and up-and-down stair running in the arena of my old high school! Phew, talk about a workout!

I have also been trying to go to more Spin classes and am continuing doing intervals on the tready. I haven’t been doing as much outdoor running lately, and that’s okay. It’s nice to do some new things that get my body working and add some excitement to the usual workouts. They say it’s better to switch up your workouts for maximum results… I’m still waiting on those results but enjoying the workouts, nonetheless!

Finally, I’m a huge fan of Pinterest, and sometimes I like to find fitness inspiration on there… But I’m getting really sick of all the tiny girls with stuff like “are you sure you want that cookie?” Heck yes I want that cookie, stop scolding me for it.

I mean I get it, but life is so much more about balance! I truly believe we should eat well – meaning food that is good for our bodies but also food that is good for our appetites. Every now and then, have a dang cookie!

Speaking of cookies, tomorrow I’ll share some Chocolate Chip cookies that you might want to try.

So yes, be sure you want to eat that cookie. And enjoy it.



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