Let’s talka tabata

Have you heard of this exercise craze? More and more recently I’ve been seeing and hearing about it. Tabata hails from Japan and the actual/original exercise is called Tabata Protocol(TP). When people these days refer to doing Tabata exercises they’re usually referring to Tabata-style(TS).

TP is a super-aerobic and quick cardio workout which lasts a mere 4 minutes. The original TP was done on a bike, but can be done using any high-intensity interval cardio (I.e. sprints, elliptical, jump rope, mountain climbers, burpees, etc.). In order to complete an entire TP set you work at maximum power for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds rest and do 8 repetitions, thus equalling 4 minutes.

As I write this, I am in the sauna at the gym. Sweaty. Tired. A bit nauseous. But! I’m also very energized…I just tried a couple different TP and TS workouts. Closer to the true TP I did mountain climbers, spin bike, and elliptical. I also tried some TS weight sets but had a hard time making it through, even with lighter weights than I’d normally use.

This really is a rough workout! You really shouldn’t feel ready to do a whole bunch of cardio after. Your heart should be pounding. I rested a couple minutes between the cardio sets. Whoa.

Some people claim Tabata is a fat melter extraordinaire. Maybe. I am not qualified to say. However, I think it’s better just for getting your heart and lungs conditioned. I wouldn’t do it as my sole workout. But hey, I really don’t know much more than what I’ve tried and read via the internet!

I’d give it a try if I were you! It’s pretty great to get you sweating! I’m thinking about making it one of my morning workouts since it’s quick and I can do it at home if I want (mountain climbers or burpees most likely)


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