“I workout!”

Have you heard that LMFAO song “Girl, look at that body – I work out!”

Let’s be honest. I don’t like that song, but that part is great.

In the spirit of honesty, I DO like Justin Bieber’s version of “Drummer Boy.” I like it enough to share with you!

How does this not make you want to go workout hard?

I wanted to share some of my recent workouts for you to enjoy or laugh at. One time, this trainer at the gym told me I looked dumb when I did lunges on the TM at full incline. He was sort of joking. I was sort of not joking when I thought to myself “I might look dumb but look at my bum!” It’s a good workout, people! I rather look silly and get a great workout than look great and get a lousy workout! Are ya with me?!

I’m likin’ the Tabata workouts.
TM Tabata:

  • Incline – 5.5 (highest on my TM is 15)
  • Speed – 7.8
  • For the rest period I just step to the sides of the TM.
    • Be careful getting back on since it’s moving so fast!!!

Quickie Morning Cardio (10 minutes)

  • 30 seconds butt kickers
  • 30 seconds burpees
  • 30 seconds high knees
  • 30 seconds jump rope (or pretend like I do!)
  • 30 seconds floor jacks
  • 30 seconds jumping jacks

[Repeat 3x]

  • 1 minute high-plank

So, I tried the No-bake Gingerbread Snowballs I mentioned earlier. They are SUPER easy to make… But I personally didn’t really like the combo of gingerbread and peanut butter. I love both of those ingredients, but not the combo. I think it kind of ruined the tastiness of each individual flavor. They are easy, which is nice! And others may just love them! We’ll see!



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