dogs keep barking even when you smile at them

Today was a beautiful day and I made the decision to skip the gym and try a run outside. I haven’t run outside since Thanksgiving’s Turkey Trot. I haven’t even really done a long cardio sesh since then.
But who can resist this:
Despite how I figured the run would go after such a long hiatus, I ended up having a great run,
And along with some real revelations I had (like I always do while running), I had these:
  1. Goose poop covered sidewalks make for great foot work while running.
  2. Texting while driving is dangerous – and can make runners have to run in ditches and tandem bike riders swerve.
  3. Those tandem bike riders were legit… not like the times I have ridden a tandem.
  4. What is a blessing in summer is a curse in winter, i.e. it getting colder as it gets later.
  5. Layer-up!
  6. I am stronger than I think.
  7. Try as you might, dogs keep barking even when you smile at them.

While running, I spent a lot of time thinking about my goals for 2012 that I started working on this weekend… I read somewhere that this person was changing the way they eat “one meal at a time.” I like that. Sure, I eat a lot of M&Ms still, but it’s all about the choices you make one at a time.




Monday Move: Plank to Stand Up


Do this: start in a high-plank position, bring your right foot in between arms and standup, putting the weight in your right foot. Tap your left foot behind you. Bending your right leg, bring your body back down to plank position. Repeat with left leg/foot. Alternate sides for 10-20 reps each.


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