what’s your excuse?

As I mentioned, I am starting to try and eat better and work out better. Eating better makes sense. By “work out better” I simply mean do more useful workouts and stop wasting all my time at the gym. I’m really getting into more complex moves, HITT, Tabata, and other quick but super-effective workouts.

I’m starting my 2012 resolution early!

The other day while @ the gym and reading Runner’s World I read about Ben. I used to follow his blog pretty regularly but had stopped and kind of forgotten about him. In the article they mentioned his Youtube video and I decided to pull it up on my phone and watch it. This, I had not seen. I cried. On the elliptical.

Go ahead and judge me. Or grab a box of tissues.

Now grab your gym shoes and get to work!

If this doesn’t inspire you, I don’t know what will! Small steps, people. The smallest. Just change something in order to make your life just a bit healthier. “Call your self happy” like baber Ben.


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