Have you ever heard of a finisher in regards to a workout?

I first read about it over at MidWest Fitness… Somewhere in there awhile back they wrote a little note about finishers.

In my mind, a finisher is just a good way to actively close out a workout. I think they are used after cardio to get a little extra raise of your heart rate, but really I don’t remember.

Anyway, I’ve been adding what I like to call my own finisher to my workouts (at 5 am!) this week. You should probably try adding one to the end of your workout. It’s fun and works your whole body, but isn’t overly-strenuous.


  • opposite knee to elbow standing holding weighted plate (10-12 each side)
    • Holding plate in front of you, point left toe out to your side (touching the ground) raise left knee up to meet right elbow, with a twist in your waist; repeat 12 times and switch sides (if I didn’t explain well, ask me! I’ll try to do better!).
  • stability ball tucks x12 (to make the move easier, put more of your leg on the ball!)
  • stability ball squats x12 (simply squat low enough so butt touches ball and pop back up)

[repeat 5 times!]

Annnnd…. This just cracks me up:


The next finisher I do is for your abs, but I usually add 3 minutes of high incline TM lunges (treadmill at full incline 1.3 speed).

Abs Finisher

  • laying leg lifts with 25 pound plate held above chest (x15)
  • 1 min low plank
  • 30 seconds creature crawl
    • I’m sure there is a technical name for this, but this is what I call it… Get in high plank position (arms straight under shoulders) and bring each knee to same elbow (left to left then right to right). Alternate sides.

[repeat 3x]


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