baby cakes (booty blitz)!

Look what I got for Christmas – this adorable little Babycakes Cupcake Maker and additional cookbook!

Pictured are the applesauce cupcakes from the book! Growing up, my mom would make applesauce cake, which I always LOVED. These are definitely different, but still so good! The Cupcake Maker was very easy and quick to use and even easier to clean up! Wonderful!


Depending on how many little cupcakes you eat, you might need a little workout pick-me-up after! I did the following workout the other day and was s-o-r-e. The day after I figured by booty would be feelin’ it and throughout the day I was actually kind of bummed that I felt pretty good. Oh but just you wait! By the time I was home from work it was starting to feel sore. And as the day went on, so did the pain! It was fantastic! Don’t you just love that “that workout worked me good” sore feeling?

I sure do!


Baby Cake Booty Blitz

  • “The 300” [Slightly modified version of this] – repeat x5
    • 10 wide stance burpees
    • 10 pushups with leg lifts
    • 10 jump lunges
    • 20 crunches with oblique twist at top
    • 10 plank jumps w/ side crunch
  • Static Reverse Lunge Tabata style (right leg w/8lb dumbell in each hand)
  • Side leg-lift Tabata style – 4x each side (lie on side lift leg front-to-back)
  • Sumo Squat Challenge (see video below)

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