can you do 100 pushups?

I sure as heck can’t do 100 pushups… in a row!

But! With this quick, shweaty workout I did not only 100 pushups, but 100 burpees, squats, and tricep dips! Say what?!

I am definitely a fan of body weight workouts that get your heart pumpin’ and your forehead sweating. I like going to the gym but sometimes I just rather stay at home, watch E!, and workout in my bedroom. So, sometimes I do!

This workout is simple – 4 exercises x 10 reps x 10 times each. Do 10 of exercise #1, then 10 of exercise 2, 10 of exercise 3, 10 of exercise 4, and then repeat so you do each 100 TIMES!

exercise 1: pushups

exercise 2: squats

exercise 3: tricep dips on chair

exercise 4: wide-stance burpees

* you can do whatever exercises you want! If there is an exercise out there that you just feel you can’t do many reps of, try doing it this way! Since you’re breaking it up you can challenge yourself to do more! It’s empowering when you do more than you thought!

You are strong! You really, really are!


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