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In 2011, a lot of things happened. My resolution was to stop drinking soda. SUCCESS!

I am so excited for 2012! I have so many goals in mind, and am just generally excited about a new year, a chance to grow, new opportunities, and exciting adventures!

Some of my plans for 2012:

  • graduate with my master’s!!
  • get certified to be a personal trainer
  • run another marathon (Chicago, perhaps!)
  • pay off my credit card (there’s been the same amount sitting on there the last half of 2011…)
  • continue developing a love for m-e; not in a narcissistic way, just a generally love for who God is creating me to be each and every day!

Isn’t it beautiful how God gives us new years, new days, new hours, and new minutes? He is not constrained by time, but I think by his grace he made us to be constrained by time because we need chances to start over, start fresh, and change for the better!


Here’s a to a beautiful year of growth, challenges that make you stronger, love for yourself just as you are, courage to change, and peace and joy through every circumstance!


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