improve your run

Today, all I had to do was work! No internship. No class. No Oak Tree Corner!


I came home and hesitantly slipped on my new running “tights” and sweatshirt and laced up the shoes for a run outdoors. My car said it was 50 degrees on my way home, so I figured I could handle it, although I was unsure of how it’d go.


This is how it went:


Say what?! I ran 10 whole miles and at an 8min/mile pace. That’s unheard of for this girl! I was expected to maybe do 5 miles, if I was lucky.


As I was nearing the end my legs and feet did begin to feel quite sore and tired, but for the majority of the run I FELT GREAT!


I was thinking about things I’ve done differently over the past few months that may play a part in this great run. I came up with a few things:

  1. I’ve been doing a lot of cross training that involves high intensity plyometrics (burpees, mountain climbers, etc.).
  2. I’ve added more strength training – some weights but mostly just a lot of body weight exercises.
  3. Making HIIT a priority for at least 20 minutes every now and then has become important to me.
  4. Tabata training.
  5. Less long runs and not running every day.

I think the combination of all these factors has really improved my endurance and I couldn’t be happier! I’m ready to find that next marathon!

Tomorrow I have a SUPER tasty protein cookie recipe for you. Until then, watch out for sweaty “elbow pits”:

yikes! no matter the temp outside, I'll surely find a way to sweat on a run!


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