Full body @ home workout

After yesterday’s stair run, marathon work day, and today’s copious amounts of chocolate (this is what happens when I am t-i-r-e-d…), I needed an easy workout but also wanted something to get my heart pumpin’.

So. I did an easy 5 mile run, slow pace and then took a break inside before doing the following:

  • 6 sets:
    • 10 wide-stance burpees (awesome!)
    • 20 sit-ups with arm reach
    • 10 floor jacks with knee-to-elbow
  • 6 sets:
    • 20 mountain climbers (10/side)
    • 10 pushups
    • 10 r-leg forward lunge
    • 10 l-leg forward lung
  • 3 sets:
    • 1 min plank
    • 30 sec r-side plank
    • 30 sec l-side plank

2 thoughts on “Full body @ home workout

  1. oh my, Kara!

    So, i was sick yesterday & it snowed like CRAZY up in Chicago, so today, I was entirely unmotivated to dig out my car (benefit of living in Chicago: no family. Cost of living in the city: no brother/father/uncle/easily conned co-worker to shovel for you) & drive down the still unplowed surface streets of my neighborhood & head to the gym…i have been reading your blog occasionally & figured that it would be a good day to give one of these exercises a shot…holy crap. I was not expecting this to be quite the work out it was! I am so proud & impressed w/what your doing…we need to talk again soon…I wanna hear more about this blog/your exercising & your life. love you!

    • Michelle! Hi! Thanks for trying out the workout! I am glad it was a toughy because that’s what I’m always looking for! Gooood! I miss you! Call me! 🙂 Keep trying the workouts and let me know what you think!

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