cold day run and cookies

Saturday night I got in bed and thought to myself, “tomorrow I will sleep in as long as my body allows!!”

Wouldn’t you know my body allowed me to sleep until around 7am. I stayed in bed for awhile and then made myself one awesome breakfast before getting ready to head to Caribou Coffee to study a bit, sip some green tea, and then get my day going!

waffle, cinnamon syrup, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries; coffee

I ran around, did some stuff and returned home to eat a really random lunch…

TJ's roasted red pepper soup, broccoli and carrots, 1/2 pita pocket and a Cutie. Very orange. Very odd.

Then… I headed outside in the cold to attempt a run. I’ve never run in the cold like this – nor did I ever think I’d try. But I was challenged yesterday to run a full marathon at the end of April and I figured I better just start suckin’ it up when the sun’s out and r-u-n. Other motivation included a hot bowl of chocolate oatmeal and baking something sweet upon return. I’ll run fast for those two things!


I actually enjoyed the run… I can’t decide if I enjoy the cold or warm weather for running more… It wasn’t so bad, like I expected!


The rest of the day I just did a lot of studying, eating those cookies, pizza, and more studying.


I did get to hang out with a few friends for about an hour later in the evening. That was a much needed break. Fellowship with friends is always a good change of pace!




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