a new hat!

I’m shopping around for a new hat!

While I wish that were the hat I’m getting, I’m speaking metaphorically here.

You know the saying, “she wears many hats.” That’s what I mean.

I like to think I have quite a few hats.

I’m a preschool therapy intern; if I had to wear a hat, it’d be this one: 

I’m a professional, working a regular 9-5 job; the best hat I can think I’d wear here would be one like this:

I’m also a student;

and a runner!

I enjoy baking (stay tuned for new recipes! I’m working on those posts next!) where if I was professional, I’d wear this hat:

I volunteer with adolescents during the week. With them, to be cool, I’d wear a hat like the one The Biebs is wearing here:

I’m also a sister, a daughter, a friend. Who knows what those hats would look like.

But this new hat, I’m so excited about! I’ve been wanting it for awhile!

I’m currently shopping around for the best certification to be a personal trainer or group fitness instructor, or both! I’m also considering being certified to teach TRX and Turbokick!

I’m just so excited to finally be able to pursue this goal/dream of mine!

Any suggestions on the best certification? There are a few I’m considering right now, but any input would be great!


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