Kickboxing – Tabata style

During my last year in college our school started offering a class a couple of times a week called TurboKick. I had never heard of the dang thing but started to do and fell in love. Now, I’m considering becoming a certified Turbokick instructor!

In TRX the other day our instructor was discussing her love for kickboxing and I kind of started to miss my ole pal (kickboxing). Then today as I was reading a great post (written by Bess – check it out!) I was again inspired to reconnect with my pal. So, today after a long day of work and class I skipped the gym and came home for a little kickboxing Tabata-style home workout! Check it out!

Kickboxing Tabata Style

  • repeat each move for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds*; repeat 8 times
  • * for these moves make the rest periods easy work periods by doing either high knees (HK) or jumping jacks (JJ)!
  • uppercuts (alternating arms), HK
  • high forward kicks (alternating legs), JJ
  • floor jacks
  • front punches (alternating arms), HK
  • squats, JJ
  • speed bag (switch sides each 20 sec interval for a total of 4/side), HK
  • mountain climbers
  • shoulder taps
  • plank
  • scissor kicks

By the time I reached the mountain climbers I was pooped. And super sweaty. But don’t stop moving! Even if you’re barely lifting those legs, lift them! Just keep on going!


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