for all the haters!

I think I’ve discussed my obsession with M&Ms on a number of occasions…

Like here. And here. And I know in other places.

look at those beauts!

About 60% of the time I head out for a run you can bet I ate some M&M’s right before. I know, I know… Great idea, Kara.

And then I saw this.

Take that you chocolate haters!

I don’t even think there are actually any haters, just those that may consider eating M&Ms before a run (like I do…) or bed, or work, or dinner for that matter, is a bad idea I’m mostly talking to myself – telling myself it’s okay to eat chocolate as much as I want…

Like the giant box of these I bought at big lots:



2 thoughts on “for all the haters!

  1. I eat a King Size Carmello or Twix bar every single day =) (Chocolate each day keeps the doctor away). Eating M&Ms before you run makes you human…just like the rest of us….I can connect better with you and with other women when I hear that they do these things too! Ha. Thanks for all your posts Kara =)

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