Marathon Training: Training on a Treadmill

In a recent post, I talked about the Pros and Cons of training on a TM.

Despite my love/hate relationship with TM training, sometimes it is necessary. So, I’m going to share some tips of my own, and some tips I’ve found from various websites!

First, I’ll share some things I’ve discovered as I’ve spent more and more time on the TM. I don’t know how many times I have read this, but you need to change the incline to at least 1% to better mimic road running. The treadmill is nice because you can vary the speed for specific intervals of time much easier than when you’re running outside. Even slight variations in intervals does more closely mimic road running, as well. When you’re running outside your body just naturally picks up an slows down speed. One thing I do enjoy is interval training on the TM! Finally, no matter if you’re like me (despise TM training…mostly) or the opposite (love TM training) – don’t strictly train on the TM. For me, of course, this is easy to say but for those that like the TM it’s not. But really, you’re not going to be running the marathon on a TM so get used to running on the road every now and then, as well!

Ok! Now on to some expert advice (if mine wasn’t good enough for ya!):

  • Learn to use the thing before setting out to do all your training on it!
  • Pay attention to your intensity level
  • Stay hydrated
  • Keep cool (it is harder to stay cool inside without wind or any change in temp.) by using a fan if possible

  • Use the TM to set and increase your pace!
  • Use the TM to work on perfecting your form
  • Use the TM to work on hill training

SB Nation Chicago

  • Use at least a 1% incline
  • Talk to the people around you
  • Watch TV
  • Keep hydrated and cool (use a fan)

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