age shmage

Please just allow me a quick rant, and then I’ll move on. Okay? Thank you.


Two days in a row older men and women have commented on my age and it’s affect on my ability to work out hard. Now, this is true – the younger you are the easier it is to work out. I’m sure of it.


BUT, just because I am young is no reason I work out hard. It’s all about what you can do, right? You can be old and while not able to run as far, lift as much, do as many reps – whatever – as I can, you do what is the maximum effort for yourself.

I have one spin instructor who stresses that, and for that I am so thankful. Do what is 90% of your own max effort – not what the person is doing next to you.


I work my tail off. I work out hard and I sweat a lot. I push myself and try to do the best I can.

Stop telling me the reason is only because I am young. Seriously. Today in my spin class there was a substitute teacher who kept praising me for doing so well, yada yada. Then she and a man in the class began discussing the reason I was doing so well was because I was 20 years younger than them. Uh, no. The reason I was sweating and huffing and puffing was because I was kicking my own tail. I’ve seen people my age in there who don’t work as hard. It’s not age, it’s effort.

Don’t compare your workout to someone else’s. Please. Do your best. Push yourself because you can’t push the person next to you. 

That’s all I’ll say.


But, since we are speaking of age, happy 27th birthday to one of my big bro’s, Daniel!


2 thoughts on “age shmage

  1. We need another one of those movie/giant snuggle sessions to happen ASAP haha.
    “It is literally 20 degrees colder on the floor!!”

    • I saw both Erich and Justin today and we discussed this fact. Literally 20 degrees colder.

      The wonders of body heat. And being smashed between people who are basically strangers and now new great friends.

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