Marathon Training: Defensive Running

Let’s talk about defense.

Box-in, box-out. That’s about the extent of defensive talk I remember from my basketball career… That lasted real long… I did play growing up and then one summer I taught it at summer camp too.

But this is supposed to be about running.

If there is one rule, and one rule only, for road running that I could share with everyone, it’d be this:


You should run on the side of the road so that you can see the cars coming towards you, not having the cars come from behind you.

End of story. Enough said. No questions asked.

You are a lot more able to defend yourself when you can see whether or not a driver is paying attention. You can’t do that when they are coming from behind you.

I don’t know what else to say about this – I can only stress so much how important I think it is. Running with traffic seems like the right thing to do. Well, ladies and gents, I don’t think it is.

In other news:

Those girls are ridiculous. We went to an indoor track meet the other day and they made these for the guy they knew. Shower curtains and marking paint.




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