My undergraduate degree is in psychology. The last semester of my fifth year at IWU, I took my favorite class – Psychopharmacology. Loved it.

During the semester I also began doing TurboKick multiple times a week. Loved it.

In my psychopharm class and also (I would find out later) in my TurboKick class was a freshman girl who I’d often sit next to. She was so nice, so cute, and pretty dang smart (she was a freshman in what was mostly an upperclassman class!). She now teaches Turbo @ IWU and has been such an encouragement to me writing this blog!

I only knew her a short while but she is just such a great heart and soul! Such a blessing! She sent me this the other day about interval training and I loved it! Though it was definitely work sharing! Thanks Tiffany!

I’ve really enjoyed Tabata and HIIT in the past year! This infographic helps explain the benefits! If you haven’t tried this style of cardio yet, GET WITH IT!


2 thoughts on “HIIT

  1. KARA! You are so sweet. I was expecting a Workout post (which it is), and this just brightened my night right up. Thanks girl! This is the only blog that I’m subscribed to and it’s the first tab that opens on my lap-top. I wish I knew we had this much in common when you were still at IWU lol (!!) But I’m also very glad that we can connect/encourage each other on here. Keep it up! Your workouts, recipes, pins, and honest thoughts about life are just what a girl needs! (at least this one!) Thanks again!

    • You are just so great! I wish we would have known we had so much in common while I was there too! You are such an encouragement! Thank you!! 🙂

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