Upper Body

Summer is RIGHT around the corner!

My favorite part about summer is wearing dresses all the time! Love it!

You know what looks great paired with a dress? Toned arms, shoulders and back! You can’t see nice abs in a dress, but the following workout will address those, as well. 🙂

*I put weights here but BY NO MEANS are these the weights you should use. I upped my weights yesterday for this one from what I had been doing for about 4 weeks. Start out small – use enough weight to fatigue your muscles by the last reps of the set!

Upper Body/Abs

  • 12 reps for arm/back/shoulder moves
  • 15 reps for abs
  • repeat 4 times (4 sets)
  • 5 min elliptical warm-up
  • lat fly (50lb)
  • rear delt fly (40lb)
  • side bends (standing) + standing twist (30 total)
  • 5 min elliptical
  • bicep curls (15lbs)
  • lateral front/lat side raises (5lbs)
  • captain’s chair leg lifts
  • 5 min elliptical
  • lat pull down (60/50lbs)
  • long pull (60/50lbs)
  • bench leg lift and lowers
  • 5 min elliptical
  • triceps extension with rope (40/35lbs)
  • floor supermans (lie on stomach, lift knees and shoulders off ground and back down)
  • Russian twist (30 total)
  • minute elevated plank (on elbows)
  • single leg pike

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