Marathon training: Weight training

The first marathon I did I never focused on weight training. Really, most of my life I have never focused on weight lifting. I didn’t really know what to do besides the basics and just didn’t really care. Honestly, it bored me.

The last year or so since my marathon I started doing a lot more weight training and have really enjoyed it. I have heard so much about how weight lifting is good for weight loss, so I’m giving it a go.

When I do lift, I usually focus on upper or lower body. Sometimes, however, I just get on a roll and do the whole darn thing. It probably is bad to spend so much time lifting in one day, but I just couldn’t control myself… That’s not true but for some reason this day I was ready to lift, lift, lift! I recommend breaking this workout in 2 or just doing the upper body exercises one day and the lower a different day! It’s up to you!

Full body weight plus cardio!


2 thoughts on “Marathon training: Weight training

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