The past few runs I have done (12 miles, 14 miles, 12 miles) have been rough. Within the first few miles of a run, I can usually tell how I will feel throughout the run. Had this been a year ago, I would have just cut my run short, but I’m learning to push through the pain and the discomfort and just run. The runs haven’t been as long as I would have liked, but they are long enough…

I spent a few minutes on pinterest today finding some running motivation. Hope these help you stay motivated as well!






What keeps you motivated to run/exercise?


3 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. so…i just saved all of those banners on to my desktop & plan to do something slightly creative with them so i can have another form of motivation on those days where the last thing i want to do is hit the gym… šŸ™‚ thanks, girl. miss you!

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