April Challenge

April is just around the corner! Yikes! Are you kidding me?!

In March I gave you the Mad Abs Challenge and I have been searching for something to do in April. The following are some options I figured I’d throw your way and let you choose!

The Thank Your Body 30 Day Challenge from Robin @ Thankyourbody.com

Arms n’ Abs from the Domestic Diva

A general eating better challenge from It’s Fitness, Baby.

In general, I know I have a few challenges for myself:

  1. No candy. Period. None. Candy seems to run my life. By candy I mean M&Ms. If there was an MMAA (M&M addicts annonymous) I’d be the leader. Maybe I should start that group. Unfortunately, how we reward behavior at my job is by giving the kids “dots” – M&Ms. They are always around… Plus I purchase them for my own usage. So, while my goal is to eat NO candy, I basically mean eat no M&Ms.
  2. When the temptation arises to mindlessly eat, study scripture instead. Sometimes when I am bored I just search for food to satisfy me. It never really does but I figure I could use this boredom to do something MUCH more productive. I’ve written some scripture on index cards that I plan to keep around the house as well as in my car and purse.
  3. Love myself better/more. Each day in April I will write down 1 thing I am so proud of/thankful for about myself. I think it’s good to practice encouraging others, and I try to do just that, but I also think it is so important to encourage and uplift myself.

Now my challenge to YOU: Join me! Join me in one of the challenges I listed for myself OR one of the others listed above! Let me know if you plan to do one of these!


6 thoughts on “April Challenge

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