a reminder.

Do you instagram? If you don’t, you should. If you do, good.

A few months ago I started following someone named Max Dubinsky. I don’t remember how or why but somehow I found his pictures and loved them. They were just beautiful.

Yesterday, I started reading an incredible blog titled, the Good Women Project.

Today, I found the creator/editor’s personal blog.

An hour ago, I realized she is married to the aforementioned Max.


Anyway, I’ve been browsing her posts on Laurennicolelove.com and found this reminder that I wanted to share. Please visit her site and give her your praises!

This is a reminder that God does see you.

And He does love you.
And He does know that you are trying, and trying hard.
This is a reminder that the fight is worth it, particularly when it’s painful.
And that the women you admire are worth admiring because of their scars.
And that Jesus sees your scars before anyone else does. While they’re still raw wounds.
This is a reminder that tomorrow comes.
That you are beautiful.
That everyone feels alone; it isn’t just you.
This is a reminder that Jesus is closer than blood. That “healing” isn’t a church-word. That when He feels absent, compassionless, and silent, He is still the great I AM.
This is a reminder that you have been saved.
That you have been re-made.
That you have been re-named.
That when God reached down from heaven and wiped the mud and dirt and sin and sludge off of your heart and soul, he made a commitment to see you as innocent as the day you were born – for eternity.
This is a reminder that you were created to be desperate for His love.
So act like you’re desperate for it.

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