[[good]] friday.

I attend an incredible body of believers who are crushed, broken, beaten, addicted, defiled, dirty, dishonest, liars, cheaters, adulterers, thieves, deceivers, and just generally unworthy. Of anything. I am one of them.

In this life, I deserve nothing but death.

I seek to please myself above all else, because I hate feeling pain or discomfort of any kind. I avoid it. Not consciously, mind you. I avoid the pain of being lonely by pursuing unhealthy relationships (friends or more). I avoid the pain of deemed unbeautiful by worldly standards by working out in excess. I avoid the pain of being rejected by keeping my mouth shut and bottling my feelings up until they manifest physically, harming my body.

I am broken. And I am so thankful for that brokenness.

Jesus died on that cross, overcoming the world, to cover my brokenness. Jesus didn’t come so that I wouldn’t be broken. No, he came to pay the price I couldn’t, that I would spend eternity as a beautifully whole being with God.

But I’m not in heaven at this moment. I am on earth. An earth mared by sin.

As I reflect on the beauty of what Christ did, I think of the words of the pastor of the beautiful broken body of believers where I attend “church.” He reminded us last week that Christ dying on the cross was spiritual inhalation of the enemy. I imagine satan thinking he had won – Jesus was about to die, as Jesus walked his cross up to calvary. I imagine satan rejoicing as Jesus lay buried in tomb. Satan believed he had overcome the world. No, satan believed he had overcome God.

But what is beautiful and awesome (in the truest sense of the word) is that he was wrong.

Before Jesus goes off and endures the cross he speaks to his disciples, foreshadowing what is to come and offering hope.

In this world you will have trouble. [not you might, you could, just sometimes, once and a while]

But take heart! [stand tall, move forward, march on, get goin’, be encouraged, find strength]

I have overcome the world. [and with the world, the ruler of it!]


Good Friday is a reminder of trouble that we will have. The disciples had no idea Jesus would r i s e  f r o m  t h e  d e a d.

Talk about overcoming the world.


Beautiful sister, strong brother – take heart.

Trouble is abounding as we live out God’s plans and purposes for us here on earth. The battle rages on, constant.

Choose to take heart. Choose to remember Jesus shocking satan as he rose from the tomb, thus overcoming the w o r l d, and it’s darkest rulers and powers.


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