finding [[value]] in your [[brokenness]]

My life has been one constant journey searching for security and worth.

What have I not turned to in order to find some kind of value for myself?

It is sad to look back on my journey as I, time and time again, turned to something other than God to fill a void I couldn’t wait to fill. I didn’t want to sit feeling empty. I wanted to feel fill, fulfilled, and worthy. If I didn’t feel that from God immediately, I found it somewhere else.

But everything else just makes the need greater.

I want to say “I don’t know what changed, but…” but I do know what changed! Not really what has changed but WHO is changing me!

God is doing mighty works in this shattered, frail, longing body of mine!

source & post inspiration

I still long to find worth in God alone. To stop searching for value in any other place. I am not there. Yet.

But to see the growth throughout the last couple years is i n c r e d i b l e!


2 thoughts on “finding [[value]] in your [[brokenness]]

  1. What transparency my friend. Keeping seeking Him. You are an incredible woman of great value. I am praying that he fills you with worth and value. Security and peace. Love love love.

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