Friday Favorites!

It’s Friday.

If that’s all I said in this post it’d be such a great post. My weeks have been jam-packed lately and I have been yearning for the weekend the minute I leave for work on Monday morning. I absolutely love my job(s) but with school and work both getting very busy lately, trying to spend time with loved ones, and hit up the gym – I look forward to the weekend more than normal.

This week’s posts:

But I bring you some favorites for this favorite day of mine.

1. Did you hear – Ryan Gosling is getting a comic book?! I mean it’s kind of ridiculous and kind of awesome… I don’t know whether to love or hate it.

Wrong. I love it. It’s actually a webcomic right now. Check it out.

2. One of my friends just made this his new facebook profile picture (I cropped his head out for privacy sake – but really, who wouldn’t want to be known for wearing this?). It is probably the greatest shirt ever made for a man:

3. I spend an unfortunate time browsing the internet, looking at clothing, shoes, and accessories I could never afford on my therapist budget. But if I could spend $95 on a simple cuff bracelet, I’d probably get this one from Tory Burch. Cute and cute.

4. Another thing I’d be spending more money on is another pair of Toms. I have owned one pair of Toms since about 2009… And wore them only once until last month where I again wore them once. Monday, however, I wore them to work and realized they are the most comfortable shoes I own. It doesn’t matter that they are bright red – I work with kids who happen to appreciate ridiculous clothing whenever you wear it [they also happen to love my necklace that has an elephant on it whereas most people find it slightly odd].

I’m really loving their ballet flats!

5. Karmin. If you haven’t heard of this adorable (engaged) duo – please check them out. I’ve been a big fan of their Covers volume 1 album, but on Tuesday they released their first original album. You may have heard of their first single, “Brokenhearted” but maybe not their newest, “Crash Your Party.” Here’s your chance! Check it out and then go buy their album!,default,pd.html?dwvar_21125864_size=OS&dwvar_21125864_color=981&start=1&cgid=accessories-jewelry

6. The church card – a thoughtful and funny look at Christians who live their faith half-heartdly @ Rambling with the Barba. It’s filled with satire and sarcasm about Christians. Which I can appreciate, because I am one. On the same note, I wrote a post about being lukewarm the other day. Anyway, this week I’ve been challenged about how I choose to live my faith… And how I choose not to.

7. A man had an active meth lab in his pants. I don’t know what’s funnier – that or that on youtube the news station titled it “Is that a meth lab in your pants or are you just excited to see me?” Well played Mox News.

8. Justin Timberlake is working with Estee Stanley to create a line of home decor items for HomeMint. And this video makes me want to buy all of them.

9. I learned about #8 by reading one of my favorite blogs – Running off the Reeses. Cely also recently posted this hilarious email trail between her and a student. Please read it because it’s so funny and I wish I could either, a) be Cely, or 2) make her my best friend. She is so funny!

10. This is the truest meme I’ve ever seen:

11. This letter on The Mayer’s Wife really took my breath away! Phew. Worth reading for sure!

12. posted a list of the “50 people you wished you knew in real life.” I couldn’t stop laughing. Here’s one of my favorites:

“Whoever loves Wendy’s this much… So you can get their opinion of Arby’s.”

I like that 14 out of 14 people appreciated this review. Helpful, indeed.

13. This is my favorite search term that brought people to my blog recently:

“im a dude i’m gonna do 7mph”

That’s right, man, do 7mp and no more!!

Finally, here’s 1 Friday LEAST favorite:

1. Christina Aguilera on The Voice giving Tony Lucca a hard time about singing “99 Problems” and then claiming that Chris Mann is a “real man” who respects women. Shut.Up. I don’t think Christina even respects herself based on the way she dresses and one popular song (Dirty), so she should probably stop talk about respecting women.

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3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites!

  1. Thanks for including The Church Card in your favorites this week. If you’re down with this kind of satire then check out the category Jesus Junk. That’s where this post resides.

  2. Thanks for including The Church Card in your favorites this week. If you’re down with that style of satire(sarcasm) then check out the category Jesus Junk, this one is in there.

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