Friday Favorites: Body Image

I have never been one to totally love myself, despite how hard I work to stay fit or healthy. But, I am learning and admit to seeing tiny (tiny, tiny) progress in this area of my heart and life.

Small steps.

Fortunately, this week I happened to stumble upon a number of posts on various blogs about body image and self-esteem.


Read them and then write down 5 things you l o v e about yourself! It’s time to stop always critiquing ourselves (and others!) and start praising our fearfully and wonderfully made beautiful bodies, hearts and souls!

> Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, by Hana Hutchroft, posted on Darling Magazine

> Body Image + Beauty: When It Isn’t A Skinny Day, by Lauren Colle, posted on Good Women Project

> A Letter to My Younger Self on Valentine’s Day, by Stephanie from For Such a Time as This, posted on Good Women Project

> The Sweet Spot [what a girl needs to hear], by Emily from Impractical Beauty, posted on Sincerely Rachel Christine

> The Ugly Side of Beauty, by Debra K. Fileta from Debs Lessons Learned, written for Relevant Magazine

> Dashing Devotional: Overcoming Comparison, by Katie Farrell of Dashing Dish


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