In the Word Wednesday [perfectionism]

“Remember that you live in a fallen world: an abnormal world tainted by sin. Much frustration and failure result from your seeking perfection in this life. There is nothing perfect in this world except Me. That is why closeness to Me satisfies deep yearnings and fills you with Joy.

I have planned longing for perfection in every human heart. This is a good desire, which I alone can fulfill. But most people seek this fulfillment in other people and earthly pleasures or achievements. Thus they create idols, before which they bow down. I will have no other gods before Me! Make Me the deepest desire of your heart. Let me fulfill your yearning for perfection.”

– Sarah Young, Jesus Calling (June 5)

That was what I read yesterday, but I needed to hear it today.

I felt gross today. Just crazy busy with little time to do anything but work. Eating crappy. Getting easily frustrated. Overwhelmed. Not living up to some imaginary standard that I don’t even know who is setting.

I wasn’t perfect and it was ruining my life today. 



No matter what you feel about yourself today, your value is still the same. Your value is in who God made you to be.

I haven’t figured out yet how to be satisfied in who God made me to be. I’m striving for that. But in the days where I am so utterly aware of my flaws, I remember that the only true perfect being is God himself, who’s image I bear.




One thought on “In the Word Wednesday [perfectionism]

  1. Wow. I truly needed this today. Thank you, Kara, for writing with authentic emotion and honesty. It’s what makes people [like me] relate and be encouraged. Keep your eyes on the Lord and you are one inspirational woman!! 🙂

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