school is for fools.

I have been sitting in the same spot “working on homework” for about an hour now.

In this hour I have spent 5 minutes in the online discussion forum, 5 minutes perusing the DSM-IV, and 5 minutes typing up a diagnosis on an imaginary client.

The other 45 minutes I have looked through a Delia’s sale catelog, watched the Reds tie the game v. the Indians, eaten half an avacado, one apple, banana chips, 2 twizzlers and now some chocolate pudding, and read some blogs.

Oh, and I remembered this video and watched it for kicks:

I’d say this night of homework has been successful.

Obviously, because I’m still not doing homework and writing a blog instead. Maybe I should take a 15 minute break from writing nonsense and write something meaninful for school.

Just a little more than 2 months to go!

In other news from the weekend:

1. There’s and actual Wobble dance. I had no idea. *Please note the solo white guy in the video.

2. My friend Ryan made a yard Jenga game for his party yesterday. He also made some hanging lanterns out of Mason jars. He is one crafty male.

3. Not pictured: adults jumping in bouncy castle at said party and then moving it to the pound to bounce and then slide into the 9 inch deep shore.



Happy Monday, I need to go spend 15 more minutes doing homework and 45 more procrastinating.



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