Friday Favorites: Workouts

It’s been a good, long time since I’ve posted. I’m in the home stretch of my Master’s degree! Hallelujah!

Graduation date is August 25 but I am done before that, I just don’t know when! I’ve got a lot of plans for myself in the months following graduation:

1. Get settled into my new place with my 2 friends (we will be moved in but I doubt I’ll be settled completely).

2. Run the Chicago Marathon!

3. Pass the licensing exam…

4. Take a mini vaca.

5. Reconsider some kind of fitness certification.

6. Possibly get a part time job to get ahead on my loans and bills. I only took out a small number of student loans for this degree because I worked full-time and tried to pay as much as possible. I’d like to be debt free (besides my car) within 2 years of graduation, if not much sooner!

7. Sleep.

Until then, I’ll continue working my tail off and firming it up, if you will, by doing these at home workouts I’ve been enjoying lately:

15 Minute Total Body Boot Camp, Fitness Blender

Carrie Underwood Leg Workout, Totally Love It

Full Body Weight Lifting, Making Health a Habit

The 99, Run for the Thrill


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