Funny is good for you.

The whole point of this post is to share some recent laughs.

Please, do enjoy!

1. Nic Cage Cats – are you kidding me? Hilarious.

2. Funny letters from kids to God – when will the kids I work me write me something funny?

3, 15 Logical Reasons Why Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling Should Break Up – the person who created this and myself share the same type of humor. And love for Gosling.

4. 17 Things Just as Predictable as Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Divorcing – just funny; not the divorce, the article!

“this puppy will grow up to be a dog.”

5. The 25 Funniest ObamaCare Tweets

6. If Disney’s Belle Lived in the Hood – I started laughing almost immediately.

7. Def how I prefer my trail mix:

Nailed it.

8. This Someecard about Magic Mike.

9. How I feel most days at work:



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