Treadmill Sprints

The treadmill used to be my worst enemy. Why anyone would want to spend more than 5 minutes on the thing blew my mind.

But now, I’m coming to see it as very useful in this 100+ degree summer weather we’ve been having. Running with humidity and 100 degrees? Ehh, no thanks.

I think I’ve talked about sprinting on the TM before, but I don’t know.

I used to do this [lame] TM routine where I’d increase the speed 0.5 mph per minute but would have the incline all the way up and be holding on… I I

Sure I’d sweat and it would read that I burned a lot of calories and ultimately it was semi-helpful, but I spent at least an hour doing that and probably wasn’t getting the best results.

In the past year I’ve been doing 20-30 minutes of sprints. I started out 1 min walking @ 4 mph, 30 seconds sprinting @ around 8 mph. Or… something similar.

Then, about a month ago I switched it up to where I walked 30 seconds @ 4 mph and ran 15 secs @ 8.5-9.0 mph.

Today, I switched it up and walked 30 seconds @ 4 mph and 20 sec @ 10 mph for 25 minutes.

Start slower and walk longer, but make sure to increase these intervals quickly, before your body gets used to what you are doing.

My goal is to switch up my interval time and/or speed every 2 weeks.

Below I’ve posted some links to what others do for TM intervals:


5 thoughts on “Treadmill Sprints

  1. Love HIIT! Makes cardio actually fun, most other forms of cardio I find so boring. I often wonder what some people think when I’m next them stomping so hard and then jumping off and back on again. Keep it up!

    • Ha! I feel the same way! I used to spend hours on the treadmill just jogging and now I can’t imagine that! 30 minutes flies by when you do intervals or HIIT, plus it’s generally a much better workout! You might look a bit silly but guaranteed you’re working harder! 🙂

      • With the after burn you’ll definitely burn more calories! I like to think it makes me look more bad ass than silly, but maybe not! LOL

  2. Funny timing! I am reading this within an hour of getting off my treadmill… 12 miler. I’m one of the only people I know who has no problem with doing long-ish runs on the treadmill when time of day or weather necessitate it. But I was boring, 7mph, 2% incline. When I do intervals, I prefer the track. When I do HILL intervals, the treadmill rocks. 🙂

  3. When you are in the gym and a person looks at your speed and you catch them so they pretend that they did not look, then the race really starts. Who ever gets off first loses. Love the work outs posted as well.

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