Friday Favorites: Good Reads

The internet has brought me some good reading lately. Please enjoy these favorites for your Friday!

1. In this article posted on CNN, Craig Gross of talks about Christianity and Homosexuality and gives his view on the way Christians judge homosexuals. He makes good points, mainly – if homosexuals can’t feel loved in our churches, where do they go when they want to know Jesus? They are sinners the same as those who are fat, Gross contends, and we welcome fat people into our churches every day. It’s time to take a look at what we, as Christians, are saying by our outright disgust towards homosexuals (this is, of course, a general statement).

2. Do you get annoyed at those stickers on all of your produce at the grocery store? Me too. But this article by Frank Lipton gives some very useful information on the reason behind the numbers on the pesky things!

3. Speaking of food, while perusing Relevant Magazine’s website I stumbled across an article about genetic modification of our foods and how many hormones we are taking into our systems from an early age.

4. Athlete Umaru Conteh from Sierra Leonne was forced to work in a diamond mine. This guy is “the world’s best athlete,” and why was he forced back into the mind, wasting his athletic ability? All for a small diamond for a twice-divorced man’s newest engagement ring. Ew.

5. I dug through my bookmarks at some blogs I hadn’t visited in awhile, just to find a good read. I came across Blissbombed by Stephanie St. Claire. In one article she talked about dealing with disappointment but linked to another article, titled, Hell-No, Hell-Yes. Read it, ladies. Men – read it and just switch the “hes” to “shes”


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