You were created in the image of God!

It seems like its been years since I’ve written anything! The past few weeks have been a whirlwind, but after this week it’s smoooooth sailing, baby!

I moved 2 weeks ago and find myself sitting by the pool as I type this. School has become crazy and my part-time job/internship has moved to full time (with my other part-time job still going strong!). This next week will be the most busy for me in my grad school career, as I make some hard presentations, write some difficult papers and take my comprehensive final (oh, you know – the one I need to graduate). Assuming I pass (I’m supposed to be studying right now) I’ll then have to take my licensing exam!

Aye aye aye!!

But really, none of that is why I stopped studying and began writing this. I was laying here thinking about who knows what and somehow I began listening. God wanted to tell me something irrelevant to why group counseling is important or what theorist created what theory.

He asked me what I thought about Him. No, not verbally, but he was speaking in my heart and mind. What He enlightened me to was that whatever I believe about Him, therefore I am. Likewise, whatever I believe about myself, therefore I believe about Him.

As a human, I am created in His image.

So if I believe God is all knowing, I too can be given the wisdom I need.

If I believe God is powerful, I can find power through Him in my weakness.

He is perfect, therefore I should celebrate the good in myself!

He is slow to anger, so should I be!

But, if I believe I am unworthy, I therefore I believe that about God.

If I believe I am not able to do a task, I believing neither is my God.

So think about what you believe about God and begin applying those truths to yourself. And then think about the way you put yourself down and realize that you are believing those same things about your God.

Now search for Truth and believe it!!


2 thoughts on “You were created in the image of God!

  1. oh Kara, good luck w/the last of your grad school career!! and congrats on the job/internship…I’m glad you like it!! i practically ran from mine like it was on fire and i have not yet looked back 😦 i took my graduation qualifying exam…it was possibly traumatizing (i finished it at 2:30 pm and decided i needed a glass and/or bottle of wine to help me cope) but i passed with flying colors 🙂 thus, you can do it. when you are done w/your crazy week, CALL ME. i’m unemployed. i have lots of free time.

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