Keeping your mouth shut.

I wrote a post that I was very passionate about a few months ago about speaking up.

But yesterday I had a conversation with someone I care deeply about regarding keeping your mouth shut.

Sometimes, it’s better to bite your tongue. We discussed how there are times when you should tell someone how you feel, especially when you are working on your relationship and communicating. But, there are also times when it’s better to not say things to someone in order to protect them. I think things need to be spoken but I believe once spoken there is a difference between harping on them and giving the chance for the words to take root in someone and make a change.

This guy and I are working on communicating better… We have very different styles of communication. He’s on the team of “speaking-whatever-I-feel-when-I-feel-it.” I, on the other hand am  on have always been fond of the idea of not always saying what I feel… I believe in the power of words and how important it is to say what you feel. Words can change someone – they can hurt and they can heal.

I think it is important to consider what you are saying and why you need to say it. Is it actually edifying and beneficial for the other individual, or does it just make you feel better or more powerful?


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