Friday Favorites: things i am loving, lately.

1. Go On is a pretty funny show, from the 2 episodes I’ve seen..

“I know what this is about, and I love Margaret too, but there is no way she is only 60.” Its just simple humor, and I can relate as a therapist.

2. One of the new features the iphone 5 needs to have is a 30 second timer. It drives me nuts that I can’t do 30 seconds of an exercise using my phone as the timer. I lost my gym boss so my phone is all I have.

3. I actually made something that I pinned on Pinterest. These Southwestern Egg Rolls by the Happy Homemaker were delish!! Try them. Do it.

4. I need to go camping because I need a reason to make some of these recipes from Six Sisters’ Stuff:

5. I often have baby fever. Too often. I just want to be a mom… But then, I go to work and while I love the little buddies I work with, they make me thankful to come home to a baby-less house. My roommate also recently made a comment about renting a baby, or something to that effect. She’s a hoot. And full of truths.

6. When you don’t have cable (or any channels for that matter) and are a murder-mystery addict like myself, you may spend hours watching 48 hours on your computer. I just simply cannot get enough.

7. Today, move forward. I am so thankful for the break in the day that is night. It gives a chance for rebirth every 24 hours. Thank you, God.

8. Bahhh! Mumford & Sons has a new album, and so does this girl. It. is. so. good! Listen to it!

9. James Franco is in a band?

10. The Hubble Space Telescope has captured the farthest-ever view into the universe, a photo that reveals thousands of galaxies billions of light-years away. What an amazing God we serve. Look at this creation, and then think about how much he loves us. It’s unfathomable!

11. I would love for all the NFL ref-haters to get out there and ref a game and then we will see how much crap they have to say. Seriously, just stop.

12. I love my job, most days. I can get by living in Dayton, most days. But Wednesday morning I had to be at work early for a client who never showed up. You know what made it 100% redeemable in my tired mind? This view from my room, soon to be filled with 10 little preschoolers working on using their words, initiative, self-control, feelings, and all things behavior-related:


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