The more people I meet, the more I need God.

I got off the phone tonight with someone and needed immediate prayer. I was so annoyed. Frustrated. Irritated. Mad.

I had to pray, I had to ask God to quiet my mind and give me thoughts that were glorifying to Him, rather than the nasty thoughts running through my head. “It’s people like this, Lord, that remind me of my significant need for You. At every moment.” And immediately I was at peace, but also pondering…

The more people I meet, the more I need God.

Not really. But sort of. I mean, I need God at every single moment of every single day no matter if I knew no one, or if I was the president of the U.S. But, the more people I meet the more I realize I need to be more dependent on God.

To hold my tongue for me.

To change my vindictive thoughts.

To speak truth to my heart.

To remind me whose I am.

To help me love my greatest enemy.

To bring me to righteousness.

I need God in order to serve God.

It is a sobering thought. But then I think about the stupid people I meet every day. I’m not kidding, the parents of a lot of the kids I counsel are lacking some basic skills I thought all human beings had. That shows my own stupidity/ignorance.

People will forever be difficult… And God will forever be there to help me “cope.”


3 thoughts on “The more people I meet, the more I need God.

  1. Beautifully written, Kara. I have had similar experiences in my life, and as much as it might sound negative that our interactions with people push us towards God and away from community, that is not what you are saying at all. We are being thrown towards God in order to truly love others and become closer to them. Keep it up! šŸ™‚

    • Thanks! You are right! I am thankful for those difficult people God uses to bring me closer to him. After I wrote that post I read Nov. 5’s My Utmost for His Highest which talked about a lot of our experiences not being for our personal benefit at all, but to be used to better serve others. Phew, it’s a tough task loving on those really difficult people… but it’s also such a blessing!

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